Sep 09

Do you find yourself constantly eating leftovers because you are broke? When you are being economical, this does not mean that you cannot show generosity to other persons. Living economical simply means that you develop a method of being able to squeeze a few dollars form a small salary, so that you will have some extra cash that you can share.

Everywhere you go or look you will be able to find stuff for free, particularly if you have extra time that you can spare.

  • Food – These days, you can still get a freebie when you go to the grocery stores on Saturdays and Sundays. Each day of the week, Whole Foods has free stuff handing out. You can even request samples when you visit coffee chops, ice cream counters and mall food courts.
  • Are You Desperate? – You can accumulate plastic silverware, sugar packets, ketchup and napkins from fast food chains.
  • Are You Extremely Desperate? – You should volunteer at nursing home or soup kitchens where the volunteers are paid with a meal. Not only are you receiving free stuff, but you are also helping out your community.
  • Makeup/Soap – There are quite a number of department stores that send free stuff to persons that are listed on their mailing lists. Per contra, you can walk up to the counter and ask the representatives if they currently have any special offers; such as, trying their latest perfume will get you a sample.
  • The same thing can be done as it relates to body and bath samples. Kiehl’s and C.C. Bigalow are two high-priced brands that will give out stuff for free for sunscreen, body gel, lotion and shampoo. Additionally, the samples from Kiehl’s are large.
  • If you consider yourself to be desperate, then you can try getting a part-time job at one of these counters. Not only do employees get discounts, but they also receive bags of stuff for free
  • There are some companies that when they launch a new makeup or hygiene product, they will offer samples for free online. At times these samples might be limited by the number of persons in the household that can send in requests, but if it is not you can ask everyone in your family to send in requests.
  • Usage of Computers – As a freebie, a majority of local libraries will offer computer usage for free, inclusive of Internet access. Although you may be given a time limit, if you try and go during daytime off-peak hours, the time limit is more likely to be ignored.
  • There are a number of labs and computer access that alumni and students of several universities can choose from.
  • If you have your own laptop and you really need to use the Internet, you can spend a majority of your day at some restaurants, coffee shops and bookstores, as the freebie they offer is free access to Wi-Fi.
  • If you are extremely desperate, then you can try using the computer at work; however, you need to be aware of the time in which you are allowed to use the Internet, so that you do not get fired.
  • Underwear – Some people might think that this is weird, but you can receive underwear as a freebie. If you are on the mailing list of Victoria Secret, you will receive a coupon for free underwear quarterly. You do not need to make a purchase to qualify for this freebie.
  • Movies/Magazines – Today, several libraries now have video games, VHS and DVDs that you can check-out for free; however, you need to ensure that you return them on time, as the fines associated with these items are far more than those associated with books. The library is also a great place to get magazines as a freebie, so be sure to check your local library for free issues of popular magazines.

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